Lost in translation

For my American friends and family (and other non-Norwegian speaking readers):

Google Translate can be a fantastic help - but it can also turn a perfectly normal text into something that resembles the non-sense ramblings of a lunatic (something one of my students shamefully realized when I handed back a film review he had found on filmweb.no, run through Google translate and turned in as his own product...). I have no desire to sound like a crazy person, so I've decided to add a little translation at the end of my new posts. I'll edit some of the older posts as well, if you'd like me to :) Let me know!

Examples of what I'm trying to avoid:

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  1. Ha-ha-ha! Fantastisk!!!
    Neste gang jeg blir stjålet skal jeg huske å ringe politiet umiddelbart. Og jeg lover å alltid skli så forsiktig og kontrollert jeg bare kan :)