Sleeping Beauty and the prince who didn't fulfill his duty

Et moderne eventyr diktet av meg selv og Kristof Vanzier, Arcata High School 1998
Once there was a queen and king
who didn't miss one single thing,
except they didn't have a child.
That made the old king's mind go wild.
They visited every doctor they knew
and finally they found one who knew what to do.
He tricked and he mixed and he gave them a girl;
a princess as beautiful as a pearl.
They named their daughter Sleeping Beauty,
but the king used to call her his little cutie.
Both the king and the queen were so delighted
because their hearts were no longer frightened.
They decided they had to celebrate
and tell all about the country's fate.
They threw a big old party bash
where everyone who wanted could come and crash.
Twelve fairy godmothers were invited to give their wishes
and they all got to eat of the set of twelve gold dishes.
But what the majesty didn't bother
was to invite the thirteenth fairy mother.
She got really upset when she heard the news,
so she took her wand and put on her shoes.
She ran to the party and screamed in loud voice:
"Now listen to me, guys, you don't have a choice!
I'm going to cast upon her a spell,
because I'm angry and upset as hell.
On her sixteenth birthday the princess will die
as she sticks her finger on a needle eye!"
Of course the poor queen started to cry,
"I don't want my little baby to die!"
Then stepped the twelvth fairy out of the crowd
and said in a voice not quite as loud:
"I still haven't given my wish to the baby,
so I can loosen the spell. Maybe..."
She used all the magic power she had
and when she was done, people weren't that sad.
'Cause instead of dying with horror and fears,
the princess would sleep for a hundred years.
So would the king and the queen and the staff,
and even the horses, the cats and the calf.
Sixteen years later they all fell asleep
and around the castle grew briars so thick and deep.
A hundred years passed and they were still snoring.
The country's people thought it was getting kind of boring.
They said, "We have to wake them up,
but that takes a prince who is of the top.
We'll put an add in the paper this week
so we can get the prince we seek."
Soon they had 33 applications
and also a couple of nominations.
They went through them all 'til they found the one
who would be the best: king Vladmir's son.
He went to the castle to end the sleep
and cut his way through briars, which still were deep.
First he saw the king and meant disaster...
You see, that sight made the prince's heart beat faster.
'Cause what the application forgot to say,
was the shocking fact that the prince was gay.
So instead of the princess he kissed the king,
who woke up and said: "This is not the right thing!
You've got to kiss princess Sleeping Beauty,
simply because it is your duty."
He finally did and the sleeping ended,
but not the way that people had pretended.
The prince couldn't marry her since he wasn't straight.
I don't think a single soul thought that was great.
And the princess died of a broken heart,
cause as you've heard, their relationship didn't get a good start.
Like this ends the story of Sleeping Beauty
and the prince who didn't fulfill his duty.

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